My thesis open at a diagram describing the 'local' and 'removed' workings of the PlayPump

I completed my PhD (2006 - 2011) at Trinity College, Dublin, with my thesis 'Radical Plumbers and PlayPumps - Objects in development'. You can download a copy of my thesis as a pdf here: objectsindevelopment.pdf.

I have a research site housing synopses and fuller accounts of my thesis work, as well as my continuing research, over at Objectsindevelopment.net

Thanks to the National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF) and the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust for funding my research, and to my supervisor Linda Doyle for all her help.

You can also read a script or watch the video of a presentation I made in 2010 around some of the ideas in my PhD, for the conference PSi16 - Performing Publics, titled 'The PlayPump - Mechanics of a Static Technology'.