PSi16 Performing Publics

Video presentation at PSi16 Performing Publics. Duration: 17 min 22 sec File size 45.3 MB

I made a short video presentation titled 'The PlayPump: Mechanics of a Static Technology' as my contribution to a panel presentation at PSi16 Performing Publics in Toronto, 12 June 2010. The panel was titled 'Network Fetishisms: Beyoncé, Bicycle Couriers, Digital Divinity, and Development Design'. The other panellists were Harmony Bench, Ben Stewart, and Kristin Dombek.

Preparing this presentation in the last 6 months or so of writing my PhD allowed me to explore some of my thesis' key observations around the relationship of first world audiences to developing world users via designed objects. You can read more about my PhD, and download a copy of my thesis, here.

The video can be viewed above, or right-click and 'save as source' to download it here.

You can view the script of my presentation here: performing_publics.pdf.