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The program that runs the sound installation is 'Morpheus'. It is an application that reads and plays sound-files across 8 separate audio channels - these 8 channels play sound out of 8 individual speakers, arranged in a semi-circle of approximately 4 metre diameter, just above head-height. The spatial arrangement of speakers can be adapted within these rough parameters according to the location in which it is exhibited. The diagram above right shows the basic system.

The selection of files is determined through a partly random and partly orchestrated sequence over a period of about 20 minutes. The cycle, with random variation, loops indefinitely. It selects from several hundred sound-files taken from over 70 different versions of 'Mbube'.

Morpheus was authored in the application 'Max/MSP', produced by cycling74. The photograph above left is of the screen of the computer running Morpheus, and is shown here in the interests of general documentation; the computer is not a visible part of the installation.

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