'Transwerk' sculptures installed in 1997

The final-year work for my Fine Art degree at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 1997, was a set of large sound-emitting sculptures suspended inside a partially-used train repair warehouse - the Transwerk Yards in Salt River. I spent a year designing and building the sculptures from discarded polyurethane foam, laminated together with waste wax from a foundry. I would get up early a few mornings a week, and drive out to an industrial area of Cape Town where I could salvage polyurethane offcuts from a factory - the material was otherwise too expensive to buy. I built the sculptures by scaling up rough profiles from small maquettes, and sculpting them down.

I was also DJing at the time at a series of parties myself and a friend were producing, called Pickle, and I carried through an interest in DJing and sound art into the installation. There were several sound circuits, from tape players and from turntables on which I performed live, running through multiple speaker arrays embedded in the sides of the sculptures. The speakers were salvaged from old TVs, bought cheaply from a TV repair shop. Thanks to Rob Slinger for his help with the audio, to Adam Lieber, Heath Nash, and everyone else who helped on the project. The external examiner that year was Willem Boshoff, and my work was awarded the class medal for Sculpture.

Closeup of the medium-sized sculpture