Promised land

Epitaph, 2006
Black ink wall-drawing
Design taken from the back of an ANC T-shirt distributed at Brett Kebble's funeral in Cape Town


The commemorative T-shirt produced by the ANC for Brett Kebble's funeral is a fascinating artefact in itself, especially for anyone who was present in South Africa during the anti-Apartheid struggle. It seemed odd at the time of his funeral, and a telling symbol of the changing face of the ANC, to have this corrupt and high-living mining magnate and businessman celebrated in the same way as heroes of the Struggle.

I took the design from the back of the T-shirt as the most ironic symbol; with liquidators for his various and numerous creditors asking awkward questions about where the money went, and with R25-million apparently going to the ANC, I think a lot of people are hoping his memory will rather disappear as soon as possible, than remain. And if it does live long, whose epitaph will it be?

Brett Kebble was slain with specialised assassin's bullets in his silver Mercedes Benz in Johannesburg in 2005. There has been no reported progress in his murder investigation.
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