Promised land
'Promised land' is a body of work that plays on some of the 'faultlines' running through contemporary South Africa - disparities in wealth, contests of ownership over symbols and cultural objects, the threat to stability offered by the dispossessed, new struggles with their conflicted relationship to the old Struggle. Was it land that was promised; is this the land that was promised? The exhibition combines sampled and manipulated mass-produced objects with fictional artefacts to produce a wry commentary on South Africa now.
There are 7 works on the exhibition. I also exhibited an associated work, 'House of Stone'. The name of each artwork above links to a photograph and more information about the piece. Once you have viewed a work, you can return to this menu by clicking on 'Promised land' at the top of the page.

'Promised land' opened at blank projects in Cape Town on Wednesday 9 August 2006; the image above is of the exhibition at blank.

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