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Backyard cinema at Sideshow
The back of the Beehive Collective banner makes a good screen
The movie on show in this photo is the documentary 'The Mother's House', 2005, dir. by Francois Verster

There were several film screenings at Sideshow over the course of the festival. Three short videos were screened, which could also be viewed on the kiosk inside the container - these were 'Untitled (Zimbabwean Queen of Rave)' by Dan Halter, 'PF Jones' directed by Laurence Hamburger, and 'Kantoor plant' by Henrik Purienne. I also showed two longer movies, both documentaries by Francois Verster: 'When The War is Over', and 'The Mother's House'.
A visitor checks out Ji Lee's 'The Bubble Project' on the kiosk, above left. On the wall to her right are images of Jonah's Brucker-Cohen's project 'Crank the Web'. Thanks to Preston from Pixelproject for coding the interface for the kiosk. In the photo above right, visitors read the enrolment form for Christian Nerf's 'Polite Force' project. Other items visible are Laugh it Off's 'Black Labour - White Guilt' T-shirt (at the centre of a recent battle over copyright vs. freedom of speech) and a red T-shirt from the Anti Privatisation Forum (APF), an activist coalition in South Africa. Reproductions of Zimbabwean painter John Kotze's realist portrayals of a petrol queue, pothole and still-life are visible next to the visitors' heads.

Christian Nerf's modified US flag hangs behind the Sideshow sound-system in the photograph below left. The Shuttleworth Foundation's 'Ubuntu' Open Source operating system free distribution CD appears next to a leaflet and sticker from environmental activists Earthlife Africa, an absurdist (or at least unwieldy) hand-cranked illuminated piece of jewellery from Lo-rez, and a foot-cranked generator from the Freeplay company, in the photo below right.

I will be posting a complete listing of all the work that was shown at Sideshow soon.

The Next Wave Festival got a lot of press in Australia. See some that featured my show on the next page.