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The illustration and key below formed part of my proposal to Next Wave, and showed some examples of the kind of work I wanted to include in Sideshow. Some of these works ended up in the show, others didn't. I'm interested in objects such as these which live at the intersection of political and social 'fault lines', that point to larger issues.

1. Suited for Subversion, 2002, Ralph Borland - A suit for protecting the wearer at street protests. Also projects their heartbeat from a chest speaker. 2. Shoebox projector, Josh Kinberg - Made from disposable cameras, projects stencil images. 3. Black Labour, White Guilt brand parody T-shirt, Laugh it Off, South Africa - Laugh it Off recently won their case at the Constitutional Court against Black Label beer, who tried to squash their parody of their brand. 4. Photo shields, Las Agencias - Makes for bad media for the police hitting these shields 5. Helicopter with salvaged electronics, Mozambique - Alludes to a project I’m planning to run in Cape Town involving collaboration with street artists to produce interactive work. 6. FTAA poster, the Beehive Collective, USA - They produce amazing complex images of political structures in collaboration with affected communities, which they use for holding workshops. I want to do a South African one with them, mapping out our complex political state. 7. Clothing labels, Zimbabwe - Indiscriminate invocation of Western brands and their nemesis. 8. WiFi Hog, Jonah Brucker-Cohen - A device that cuts other WiFi users in your area out! 9. Bike Writer, 2002, Bradley Pitts and friends - A system for writing messages on the ground with movable type. 10. Crank the Web, Jonah Brucker-Cohen - Get sweaty for your bitrate. 11. Camera Zapper, Michael Naimark - A device that uses a laser pointer and a golf telescope to temporarily disable surveillance cameras 12. Jubilee, 2004, Ralph Borland - An Orlando pirates vuvuzela, a cultural object under stress, a traditional instrument that has recently been copyrighted. Mine is a manipulated sample that makes a mournful sound. 13. N.O.T., 2004, Ralph Borland - Children’s shorts from Zimbabwe that read ‘Nokia’, ‘Osama’, ‘Taliban’. 14. Pret a Revolter clothing line, Las Agencias - Colourful protective-wear for protests. 15. Playpump, South Africa - A children’s round-a-bout that pumps water for their community. 16. Wind-up cellphone charger, Freeplay, South Africa - Part of their family of wind-up products, like radios and torches. 17. Solar panel charging a battery, Zimbabwe 18. ‘Reggies’, Nintendo pirate console - Pockets of piracy still flourish in South Africa. This is what I play on. 19. Pollution detecting handbag, Katherine Moriwaki - Produced as part of the DDT; a handbag that shows levels of air pollution. 20. Biogas project, Cambodia, SUPERFLEX - A system for capturing, storing and using organic gas from families and their livestock in rural areas.